Valve’s Next Half Life Game is a Virtual Reality Exclusive

It doesn’t seem too long ago that Valve first announced and launched its own virtual reality kit in the Valve Index. Now Valve has announced Half-Life: Alyx, an exclusive VR game set in the Half-Life universe, before the events of Half-Life 2.

It’s not quite the “Half-Life 3” that everyone was hoping for, but it’s an exciting return to the series and thankfully, one that all VR fans will be able to get behind. The game is playable across SteamVR compatible PC hardware including the HTC Vive, headsets in the Oculus range, Windows MR and of course, the Valve Index.

Valve has also told PCGamer that this is not the only thing that will be coming out of the series, and gamers should expect more games now that Valve has started working on it again. Half-Life: Alyx will be coming out in March 2020.

Should you be interested in picking this game up, and perhaps even looking into comparisons of VR headsets, Blur Busters has covered these before. We also have a Blur Busters VR Buying Guide for several popular headsets that will work with this game.