HTC VIVE PRO and Wireless Virtual Reality Adaptor Announced

At CES 2018 today, HTC announced a new, higher resolution VIVE PRO virtual reality headset featuring the following:

  • Dual OLEDs with 2880×1600 combined resolution
  • Integrated high performance headphones with built-in amp
  • New, much more comfortable adjustable headstrap.
  • Front facing cameras for Augumented Reality (AR) operations

In addition, VIVE announced their Vive Wireless Adaptor which includes a battery to power the VIVE PRO. This allows fully untethered operation, being within VR without cables tangling you as you move about.

This uses a new 60 GHz wireless video standard, which is essentially visually lossless and virtually lagless, unlike most wireless video standards.

We look forward to trying this headset out at CES 2018 and giving our impressions.