VR News Rollup: Pico Neo, Lenovo Daydream, Pimax, and more!

The most major of the latest virtual reality news as of December 2017.

The wireless Pico Neo VR headset (dual 1440×1600 90Hz LCDs) has 6 degrees of freedom (6Dof) and is now available for preorder for $749 to businesses.

The Lenovo Daydream VR headset, another wireless VR headset, has gone through FCC approval according to LetsGoDigital.

Star Trek Bridge Crew can now be played without a VR headset. It looks great on “Everything Better Than 60Hz” displays, too! That said, you should still get a VR headset to try it out.

Pimax, who completed a Kickstarter on 8K VR, just completed raising an additional $15M of investment. They expect to release their headset this winter.

CES 2018 will bring a tsunami wave of new VR news. Keep tuned.